Why Solar?

+ How it works?

How Your New eSun Solar Power System Works?
solar panels how it works

It’s simple! during the daytime when the sun is shining, your eSun Solar Electric (Photovoltaic or PV) System produces clean electricity utilizing the sun´s energy. This electricity is first used in your home and when you are producing more than you need at that time, the extra energy is sent back through the electric meter to the CFE electrical grid, generating credits.

During the evening and on cloudy days, you simply use the extra energy credits that you produced during the sunny days. These credits can be rolled over to the next billing periods if need be and the resulting economic benefits will be greatly enhanced over the 25 year lifetime of the system as energy rates continue to soar.

An eSun Electric System is a wise decision, providing you and your loved ones a fantastic return on investment today and for decades to come.

+ Benefits

Reduce or eliminate your expensive CFE electric bill
“Own” your energy supply instead of renting it from the CFE
Advanced technology designed to last 25+ years
Sound economic investment
Great financial returns
Protect yourself against the rising cost of energy
Reduces your carbon footprint CO2
Simple and low maintenance
Be part of the solution, not the problem
Make the world a better place for the next generations
It´s fun and cool!

+ Enviroment

Clean Energy VS. Oil Energy
Straight from the sun 40% of Mexico´s energy comes from dirty fossil fuel and oil prices continue to rise.
Renewable source. Sun continues to shine.
Produces energy without noise or pollution Global warming
Minimum maintenance Largest emitter of carbon dioxide and methane
100% Clean Sickness and death