Why Work With eSun Solar Energy?

Congratulations on deciding to be the proud owner of a new eSun Energy Solar Electric “Photovoltaic or PV” System. We realize that your decision to invest in a Solar Electric System is an important decision requiring a large capital investment. You are ultimately looking for a dependable, long lasting system at a competitive price with professional service and installation that produces the most amount of electricity possible, thus yielding the greatest return on investment. eSun Solar Energy Solutions provide just that: the highest quality products and excellent value combined with first class local service and professional long term support. Because most people are generally less familiar with Solar Electric Systems than other types of technologies, they may not fully understand what they’re getting for their money or how to make the most informed decision when comparing different system technologies and proposals. We believe the following factors will be very important in your decision making process:

+ Experience

eSun Energy not only provides you with the quality and excellence you demand, but we are also backed by more than 15 years of experience in the solar electric industry. With work on 1000’s of successful projects across the U.S., Mexico and Latin America and more than 1300+ projects in Mexico alone, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. You are ultimately placing a great amount of trust and confidence in us, as seasoned veterans in the industry, to choose and provide the best proven bankable technologies in the global marketplace.

Additionally, we have trained over 800 participants in photovoltaics training courses in 5 countries over the past decade. One may be wise to consider the experience of the person or company selling the supposedly “best new cheapest” technologies when only a short time ago they were students taking our entry level technical training courses. Or perhaps even more significant, they may have never participated in ours or anyone’s technical trainings at all.

+ Quality

eSun Energy uses only the highest quality, most efficient and reliable cutting edge technologies of solar electric modules and solar inverters available in the industry today. Using the most efficient and highest performance equipment greatly enhances energy production, generates the most AC power and ultimately provides the best Return On Investment (ROI) and the largest savings on your electric bill in both the short and long term.

More than 15 years of real world experience in the solar industry has taught us to work only with top quality products as solar equipment manufacturers come and go on a daily basis. As a solar electric system is typically a significant investment for most system owners, it is important that this investment is not put in jeopardy by the technological risk associated with many of the generic, non-certified, low-quality, non-tested products that often find their way into the marketplace in Mexico.

Solar electric modules.

eSun Energy works only with well respected, high quality and top-tier solar module manufacturers. Our modules are the best in class in terms of power output and long term reliability. Our meticulous product design and stringent quality control ensure our modules deliver a higher PV energy yield in live PV system as well as in PVsyst’s system simulation. Our in-house PV testing facilities guarantee all module component materials meet the highest quality standards possible.”
25 Year Industry leading linear power output warranty.
10 Year Product warranty on materials and workmanship.

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Solar inverters.

eSun Energy uses the German KACO Inverter. With a 95.5+% efficiency rating, it is widely recognized as one of the most efficient residential scale inverter on the global market today. It can be located indoors or out. We have also worked with KACO to develop special 220 Volt electric grid specifications for the Mexican market which means your inverter will be able to withstand the problematic grid fluctuations in Mexico.

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+ The Solar Pro's

eSun Energy has absolutely the highest quality installations in Mexico! We use only anodized aluminum rails and stainless steel hardware for our racking systems as well as metallic waterproof conduit for wiring. We also spare no expense in using the highest quality hardware, wiring, and sealers in our installations. All rooftop penetrations are filled using a special industrial grade sealer so you do not have to stay awake in bed all night when it rains. Our professionally trained engineers and technicians inspect every detail of your system before, during and after installation to ensure the system operation is safe, high performance and long lasting.

All of our installations are done according to North American Standards and follow the NEC (National Electric Code), the standard to which all solar and electrical installations north of the border must meet. Because you are unlikely to come across inspections here in Mexico, you must be extremely careful with whom you are contracting. Many “solar installers” in Mexico really have no professional training and also have no problem with using cheap materials in order to make an extra peso. This can be both potentially dangerous and costly to the unwitting consumer.

In addition to the highest quality standards, our installations are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing and timely as possible so our clients have an excellent experience with the least amount of inconvenience as possible both during and after the installation. We offer a variety of installations types, from mirador shade structures to extremely low profile installs for areas where building restrictions apply. See the Projects section of our website for many fine examples of different installation types and options. Also, feel free to contact any of our growing number of clients to see for yourself!

+ Service & Support

In addition to the highest quality products and competitive pricing, we understand that working with a local company that you can trust is an important consideration. eSun installed its first system in Mexico in 2005, the first grid tied Solar Electric System in Ajijic in 2008 and since then we have installed over 1300+ systems to date throughout Mexico. We are happy to provide you with a long list of references where you can go and see for yourself and speak directly with our satisfied clients.

As your solar energy provider, we also use our local working relationship with the CFE to process all of the paperwork regarding your new net metering contracts, thus eliminating the hassle and frustration of doing it yourself. And after the installation, you’re always welcome to visit us at your local showroom with any questions about your PV system, support for CFE billing issues, or just to drop in to say hello and show us your new electric bill and real world savings!

+ Fast Delivery

Having top quality solar modules and inverters in our stocked warehouses and available for immediate delivery means you will be able to see your meter spinning backwards and start receiving the benefits of your new solar electric system right away. A typical project installation is completed within 2 days and we can usually have your project start date scheduled within 1-2 weeks of approving your proposal. This means you won’t have to wait around for months and lose sleep at night wondering if or when your solar equipment may arrive- and then even weeks longer to be installed, as is very common with some other companies.

+ Community Support

eSun Energy is proud to be creating high quality “green collar” jobs and helping to support the local economy. Whenever possible, we attempt to hire, train and educate local members of the community in order to strengthen the local economy and make for a brighter future for all. eSun Energy is also an active member in the local community by promoting and supporting many local non-profit groups, charities, orphanages, educational and philanthropic organizations.