+ Is grid connected solar electricity legal in Mexico?

Yes, it is 100% legal to connect solar to the grid in Mexico with the federal utility: the CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad) . Don’t worry, we take care of all of the applications, permits, paperwork, inspections and of course the special bidirectional, digital meter as required by law.

+ Is solar expensive?

No, the CFE electricity is. Solar energy is a great investment. Start your first year Return On Investment (ROI) at around 20% and a simple payback of around 4 years. We offer you and your family an opportunity to save your future, not spend it.

+ How long do the solar panels last?

The solar panels have a power output guarantee of 25 years.

+ How much energy can be generated?

Up to 100% of the energy that you currently consume. The only limit is the space you have available to place the PV Modules or Solar Panels and the investment you wish to make.

+ How long does an average installation take??

Our average installations varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, but generally, the installations range from 1-2 days maximum.

+ Can I use my A/C as much as I want with solar?

We make our estimations off your current annual usage. Keep living how you have been living for a fraction of the cost! If your plans are to use more A/C we can either plan for the future now or make sure you are able to expand your system in the future to accommodate a cooler lifestyle. *Please mention your future plans to your solar advisor.

+ Is there any maintenance involved with an eSun Solar Energy System?

Since there are no moving parts on the solar electric system, maintenance is a minimum. We recommend rinsing off the panels with water every two weeks or so during the dry season. Reason being is we don’t want dust to build up on the surface of the modules as it can lower the energy generation, system efficiency and of course Return On Investment. Simple!

+ Will there be a large mess to clean up after installation?

No way! Our trained technicians are extremely respectful of you and your property. You may never even know we were there. Except for every other month when you notice how much money you are saving on your CFE bill.

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