06 Jun 2017

eSun Energy donates 50,000+ Eco bags to communities in Mexico

It is an essential part of our mission to make the planet a better place for current and future generations. To help prove it, since 2011 eSun Energy has given away over 50,000 green ecological, reusable bags to our communities.
Each reusable bag prevents 280+ plastic bags from being used. This means that together we have avoided 14,000,000 plastic bags from polluting our streets and oceans!!

8 great reasons to use the eSun eco bags:

1. You´ll help to prevent many plastic bags that deteriorate our ecosystem! All existing manufactured plastics take up to 1,000 years to degrade or disappear.

2. You´ll eat healthier. YES! The toxic particles emitted by the plastic bags are consumed by organisms like plankton then integrating into the food chain and ending up in the food we eat. Just in the Pacific Ocean alone, fish eat more than 12 tons of plastic per year.

3. You´ll save many animals! Each year about one million birds and 100,000 turtles and many other marine animals die from ingesting plastic bags, blocking their digestive system.

4. You´ll help gasoline prices rise slower! Plastic is made from a nonrenewable petroleum product and its manufacturing helps to increase the rise in gasoline prices and other energy using fossil fuels as a conventional electricity.

5. They are super resistant! You can carry many things very safely.

6. They´re very comfortable. Most reusable bags have a wider strap than the plastic bags so this makes them more comfortable to wear.

7. They are in! They are fashionable and take care of our planet at the same time!

8. Would you like a an eSun Eco Bag?: eSun Energy will give you an eco bag totally free! Just give us a Like on Facebook and come to claim your bag at any of our offices and showrooms.
And remember your next trip to the supermarket or convenience store… Don’t forget your eSun eco bag!

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