05 May 2017

5 tips to save electricity and money in your business.

Starting, running and managing your business is never a simple task. Controlling, reducing and perhaps even eliminating both fixed and variable operating expenses in a meticulous manner is one of the keys to making your business successful.

“Many business owners do not realize the financial impact of their electrical consumption and how easy it is to decrease or eliminate it.”

One of the most significant operating expenses in a company can be the electric bill. Most modern businesses need electricity to live just as we human beings need air; to operate computers, servers, lighting, air conditioners etc. In addition, the electrical needs of a business tend to increase as the business continues growing. To help resolve these challenges, we offer you the following 5 tips to save electricity and money in your business or office.

  1. Intelligent lighting. Replace all lighting with LED lights and install motion sensors in bathrooms and corridors.
  2. Select light colors. Painting walls and surfaces white or with light colors will make your office look brighter and will require less artificial
  3. Regulate the temperature. Check that air conditioners and heaters are correctly sized, receive regular annual maintenance and are the ¨Inverter¨ type of technology. The previous recommendation, combined with setting the thermostat at 22 and 25°C, can save you lots.
  4. Configure computers in energy saving mode. Make sure that you or your IT specialist keeps computers up to date and programmed to energy saving mode. In this mode, when computers are not in use, they will automatically turn off the screen and “hibernate” which will significantly reduce overall energy consumption.
  5. Install a solar electric system. With a solar power system, you can generate your own electricity and save up to 99% on your electric bill. The amount you were paying for electricity and now be more intelligently used to grow your business. Mexico tax law also allows you to depreciate and deduct 100% of the investment of your system in the first fiscal year (Ley del ISR Artículo 34 fracción XII).

By following the above 5 tips, you now are empowered to reduce or eliminate all your energy related operating expenses and roll these savings back into your business and be more successful and prosperous. It is very simple and easy to receive your free custom solar energy proposal and consultation by simply requesting an online eQuote here.


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